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Winter 2023


On June 28, 1927, Western Reserve Colony became one of the first in the United States to organize outside a state society and is the oldest continuously active colony in existence. Our gavel was sculpted from timber in the bow of the first canal boat to travel the Ohio & Erie Canal. WR Colony strives to honor our charter members by carrying on their dedication to the Colony and the Ohio Society.

WR Colony has a special relationship with the General Society and its Governor Generals. Periodically WR Colony hosts (or co-hosts with Cleveland) “The Great Book Signing” at Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. “The Great Book” was published in 1618, one of two dozen books printed by William Brewster at his Choir Alley Printing Shop in Leyden, Holland. At one point this book belonged to Christ’s College in Cambridge, England. It was purchased by John Pearson, a well known book collector from Cleveland. In the 1940’s Mr. Pearson took the book to the General Congress of the GSMD to have the new Governor General, and all previous Governor Generals, sign the book. He then donated the book to the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland with the stipulation that all future Governor Generals could sign it. You can read more under the History link on this website.

WR Colony has a proud history of creating Mayflower related products as a way to promote the Mayflower History and encourage our Mayflower “cousins” to take pride in their family history including ”The Mayflower Maize”, a bingo type game developed and copyrighted by WR Colony in 1989.


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