Ohio Mayflower Scholarship

2023 Ohio Mayflower Scholarship announced!


The annual Ohio Mayflower Scholarship is now accepting submissions! This scholarship assists students with furthering their education.

A few changes to the scholarship have been made. The committee decided to open the scholarship to students enrolled in the first year or later of a college or university program leading to an associate, bachelor, or master’s degree or degree certification at a trade school. This allows high school Seniors to now apply.

Scholarship award amounts and number of awards given are based the available money in the scholarship endowment account and the judges ranking on the essay rubric. The winning essay award will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Other awards given will be based on money available.

The topic for students to base their essay on is the following:
The Mayflower men and women had various occupations before sailing to the new world. Discuss your ancestor’s occupation before they sailed and what it became after living in the new land. What skills translated to their new occupation? Which of these skills will apply to your future career?
If your ancestor’s occupation is unknown or they perished in the first winter, then
select any of the other pilgrims that survived.

Application, Essay, and Letters of Recommendation must be Postmarked by February 11, 2023. Any questions, please contact Mandy Brooks, Scholarship Chair
at mandy.brooks@gmail.com. We look forward to reading your application!

Download the application and instructions here!