You have probably noticed that your Ohio Society asks for donations when we send out our annual dues notices and life member update forms. Here are more details about the donations we suggest for you. Some of these donations are for operations of the Ohio Society, and others are pass throughs for projects of the General Society and other organizations.

Ohio Society Donations

  • General Fund: The General Fund is our operating account. Donations to this fund allow us to do special projects like the donations of Mayflower books to libraries around the state.
  • Scholarship Fund: SMDOH offers annual scholarships to members and former junior members who are in college or graduate school. The money that funds these scholarships is held in a restricted fund and can be used only for these awards. We pay for the awards with the interest the fund earns. Your donation increases the principal in the account which then generates more interest and thus more money for awards.
  • Junior Member Activities: SMDOH would like to do more for our junior members such as providing age appropriate books and activities aimed at juniors. Donations to this account will allow SMDOH to increase the annual budget for our Junior Coordinators.
  • Life Member Fund – If you are a life member in the program discontinued in 2009, you may donate to this restricted fund to help guarantee there is enough money to pay your GSMD dues for life.
  • Silver books for libraries: These donations will help to fund the Ohio Society’s ongoing project to donate the Mayflower silver books to genealogy libraries around the state.

Pass Through Donations

  • Pilgrim Meeting House: Please read former Governor General Lea Filson’s articles about the Pilgrim Meeting House in the March 2018 Buckeye Mayflower and issues of the Mayflower Quarterly. The restoration of this magnificent building is a major undertaking and all funds donated are sent to GSMD. Specify if you are donating to the restoration or ongoing maintenance.

All donations to SMDOH are tax-deductible.

To make a donation, please send your check to our treasurer at 7655 Isaac Drive
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130.