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Columbus Colony was chartered October 1, 1929. Our first Lt. Governor, Cory Lewis Penniman McFarland, served from 1929-1932.

Winifred Hathaway Schamp, daughter of Elmer G. and Olive (Wilgus) Schamp, was a dedicated Mayflower member. Her pilgrim ancestors were: John Alden, Richard Warren, William Brewster, and William Bradford. She was our Lt. Governor from 1969-1975. She also was the Ohio Mayflower Society Governor from 1975-1981. She then held the colony Elder position from 1981-1987 and 1990-1993. Upon her death, March  4, 1999, she  bequeathed $10,000.00 each to our colony and the Ohio Society. This colony $10,000.00 was used to establish the Schamp Scholarship that was awarded by the colony to a Member or Jr. Member of our colony on an annual basis, based on meeting the criteria set forth by the scholarship committee until the fund was depleted.

An early member Dr. Clarence S. Gee, purchased and donated four antique framed, steel engravings to the Columbus Colony. The large engravings were: “The Signing of the Compact in the Cabin Aboard the Mayflower”, “Pilgrim Exiles”, “The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers”, and “The Return of the Mayflower”. These were hung in Columbus, OH’s Center of Science and Industry until 1999. At that time the engravings were returned to the Columbus Colony. In August 2001, our colony member, Virginia Reese, lovingly and carefully transported them to Plymouth MA, where they can now be seen hanging in the Mayflower House and/or Library.

Marietta Colony was chartered October 6, 1940. In 2013, it disbanded, and we welcomed their members into our Columbus Colony. Our Colony grew by 46 members with that union.


Lt. Governor
Deputy Lt. Governor
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary
Membership Chair
Schamp Jr. Membership Chair
Social Chair
Board of Assistants Rep
Charles Mays
Steven Kelley
Hilda Pappas
Kristen Hallows
Doris Rhea
Winthrop Worcester
Carol Tong
Kenneth Smith
Judith Snyder
Matilda Davis-Northrup
Carolyn White
Jan Kleinline
Sharon Hendershot
Hilda Pappas

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