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The Cincinnati Colony was granted its charter from the Society of Mayflower descendants of Ohio on January 27, 1935. This incredibly special and important event took place at a meeting at the Hotel Alms in Walnut. Hill, Cincinnati. Dr. Frank Phinney, prominent physician from Cincinnati and Governor of the Ohio Society, was present. Our first Lt. Governor was Mr. John Wallace. Our colony, which includes Hamilton county and territory of southwestern Ohio, Hamilton Middletown, and Dayton would now “join its sister colonies of Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron” (at the time). 25 charter members were present in 1935, including Mr. Raymond Hughes, first secretary of the colony, and grandfather of current member Jean Morrison. Jean has been a Cincinnati colony member since 1959.

The journey in which the Cincinnati colony embarked to be an integral part of the Society, is rich in history. This researcher found the quest remarkably interesting. In May 1922, the state meeting was held and Ohio Society Governor, Dr. Starr Ford (prominent Cincinnati physician) along with appointed committee members, completely revised the Constitution and By-laws of the Society. The change in the By-laws provides for the “formation of colonies throughout the state, and by this means, the Society hopes to add interest and activity to the work and at the same time to increase its membership.” An interesting side note, in 1922 the Ohio Society designed and printed 50 framed Compacts with ceremonies and sent to various high schools in the state. Cincinnati did something similar in 1985, covering the region within the colony. Over 10,000 copies of the Compact were distributed to dozens of very grateful school districts and schools. Currently we have a Scholarship Award Program at Xavier University.

A portion of our colony records, through the efforts of former Lt. Governor, Doug van der Zee, are archived at the Cincinnati Museum Library. These were donated in 2015. Also, the Main Cincinnati Library has some newspaper articles pertaining to the Ohio and Cincinnati Societies.



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