Toledo Colony Report August 2021

by Susan Fisher

Summer Meeting: Toledo Colony met for a summer picnic at the Walnut Grove Shelter in Secor Metropark in west Toledo on 19 June. A small group met for the first meeting since November, 2019, because of the covid pandemic. Fellowship was especially good as all could hear each speaker easily.

Two new members attended with their June Bug. Carol Tomasic, a descendant of Richard Warren, joined in December, 2020. Edmund Trafford, a descendant of Alden, Chilton, Mullins, Standish, and Warren transferred from Georgia in 2019. Each has received the colony pin and state information packet.

Each person that day shared a family story and/or family item. Carol Tomasic brought glass bottles from her family who owned Trilby Dairy Farm, well known in northwestern Ohio. Edmund brought a walking cane from his family. Other attendees related family stories from Russia, Germany Austria, Netherlands, Italy, and Poland.

Fall Meeting: The Compact Day meeting will be held on Saturday, 13 November, at Ohio Living Swan Creek Retirement Center off Rt. 20 in Toledo. Fellowship begins at 11:30 and the speaker at 1:15 approximately. Peter Wilhelm will present “The Great Black Swamp of Northwestern Ohio” and its influence on settlement. Reservations will be due to Jeff Stoll by Tuesday the 9th at 906-440-5088 or The colony newsletter will go to members and
preliminaries by mid-October and will be posted on the Ohio Society website. All are welcome. A colony board meeting will be held after the meeting.

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