Western Reserve Compact Day

About seventy members and guests enjoyed a wonderful Compact Day on Sunday, November 17 at Skyland Pines Rustic Lodge in Canton.  The fireplace was lite and the floor to ceiling glass wall provided us a spectacular sunny view.  The staff outdid themselves this year serving us with bountiful portions of traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. And I heard from one attendee that the veggie dish was the best she has ever had at an event like this!  It did look delicious. Cousins paying their respects from other colonies were Cleveland Lt. Gov. Vicky Heineck and 2020 Committee Member Hilda Pappas from Columbus.   WR Friend Mary Fuller provided the beautiful table decorations.  Cash donations were taken for the Akron-Canton Foodbank and the final call was made for Pennies for Planks to help with the restoration costs of Mayflower II.  Guests were welcomed and Veterans were recognized and thanked for their service. Junior Member Madison Harig was welcomed to her first meeting and helped Sarah Keeler with the materials for the Juniors.  And applicants Robert Stands, Kay Catlett, Jonathan Kittredge, Sharen Jarzen, Judy Shaw, Bruce Shaw, and Jim Fuller were recognized.  Lee Martin led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Mayflower Compact. Officers game reports and those present talked up a storm.  Rollcall determined that the Warren Cousins were most represented at this event.  Friend Mary Fuller provided handout information for those who wanted to know more about the Anderson Tours trip to Plymouth in mid-May next year.

Christina Jill

Incoming Lt. Governor Christina Schepis, Governor General George Garmany, Outgoing Lt. Governor Jill Parker

WR Compact Day capped a full weekend with Governor General George Garmany in town.  Cleveland and Western Reserve Colonies partnered to host The Great Book Signing at the Western Reserve Historical Society. Thanks to SMDOH and Cleveland Treasurer Larry Hoyt for making sure the GG got to the Historical Signing from his hotel. Great and Fun Collaboration.  Saturday was Cleveland’s Compact Day and Sunday was Western Reserve’s.  The GG gave his well-researched presentation on Terrorism in the late 17th century/early 18th century.  He provided a list of books and articles to read for those interested in finding out more about those difficult times in early New England.  He also gave us a preview of events planned for 2020.  WR Colony presented the GG with a wooden anniversary wooded box edition of The Mayflower Maize, an Ohio Society pin and an honorarium which will be given to The Mayflower Society.

George Jill

Governor General George Garmany, Lt. Governor Jill Parker

Compact Day is our annual Business Meeting and this year it was time for Elections again.  Nominations Chair Paul Morehouse presented the slate of candidates to the members present and the following people were elected/appointed by acclamation (to serve from Compact Day 2019 – Compact Day 2022). Congratulations and Thank You to all: Elected Positions – Lt. Governor Christina Wagner Schepis, Deputy Lt. Governor Sarah Keeler, Treasurer Ann Gulbransen, Historian Terri Brown, Elder Pat Van Hoose, BOA Representative Jill Parker; GG George Garmany led the installation of the elected Board with a special. Appointed positionsProgram Coordinator – Paul Morehouse, Friends of Western Reserve Liaison – Mary Fuller.  If you know you can help the Colony in some way (a new role, a backup, an apprentice, etc), please contact one of the Board members…they would be happy to bring you on Board.

new board

New WR Board: Jill Parker, BOA Rep, Pat VanHoose, Elder, Sarah Keeler, Deputy Lt. Governor, Christina Schepis, Lt Governor, Governor General George Garmany, Ann Gulbransen, Treasurer, Terri Brown, Historian

The Junior Table was hosted by Sarah Keeler and son Ryan Keeler and she was buy helping some folks pickup gifts for grandkids! The merchandise / sales table, hosted by member Christina Wagner Schepis and husband Nick Schepis, was busy, with special interest in the coasters!!  A newer popular item. Ann Gulbransen took loads of pictures.

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