2019 Annual State Assembly Recap

By Macey Smith
Junior Member
Cincinnati Colony

The Ohio Society of Mayflower Descendants’ 121st Annual State Assembly was held on May 17th and 18th, 2019, at the Cincinnati Marriott North in Westchester, Ohio, hosted by the Cincinnati Colony. The registration started Friday night and continued Saturday morning. Gift Bags that held sweet chocolate Mayflower ships, made by Vikki and Todd Reel, were handed out to all attendees.

At the reception Friday evening, our Mayflower Cousins were able to socialize with each other and get reacquainted.

At 930am Saturday morning, Cincinnati Deputy Lt. Governor, Star Vondrell introduced Mrs. Kathleen Reed, the Program Director & Chair of Hamilton County Genealogical Society DNA Interest Group, presented “DNA and Lineage Applications – Can One Support the Other”. Her presentation offered many fascinating matters as she gave guidance and explained confusing data for her audience. She was able to share her expertise with DNA and lineage uses to make the topic further understandable.

After the morning presentation, Cincinnati Lt. Governor, Shaun P. Smith introduced State Governor, Sandra St. Martin to begin the business meeting. To start things off Rev. David Foster gave the invocation, Captain, Tom Bradford had all stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Clay Crandall read the Mayflower Compact, and Todd Reel read the Pilgrim Pledge.

Dr. Elizabeth Finley-Belgrad gave the report of the surgeon, with helpful methods to live a healthier life. She provided many articles on these methods, and copies were made available in the back of the room. This was very educational presentation and many attendees remarked on the abundance of useful information that was provided.

Rev. David Foster gave the memorial service, for each member that had passed this year. A representative from each Colony put a pin on the map corresponding to their location. This was a fitting tribute to the members that are no longer with us.

Finally, Historian, Ann Gulbransen preformed the passenger roll call, which is where the Mayflower Passengers are read off and their descendants in the room are tallied. John Alden had the most descendants attending the meeting. After the roll call, members continued to chat as a delightful meal was served.

Cincinnati Lt. Governor, Shaun Smith presented the speaker Ms. Brandon Marie Miller, an award-winning author. She delivered a portrayal of “Good Wives of New England: A glimpse into the experiences of Ann Bradstreet, Ann Hutchinson, Sarah Kemble Knight, Mary Rowlandson, and Martha Corey”, she gave a brief background on each woman and their struggles and their amazing accomplishments in colonial times.

The door prizes for the meeting were beautiful centerpieces made by Susan Davis. Susan picked tickets while Macey Smith handed the door prizes out to the winners. To end the assembly, Rev. David Foster gave the benediction.

Special thanks to the Western Reserve Colony for bring so many interesting pieces of merchandise to the event. The drink coaster and the Mayflower boxes are amazing!

So much goes into planning these annual events, this year the Cincinnati Colony Lt Governor would like to thank many people, but especially the following: Star Vondrell, Beth Anderson, Clay Crandall, Susan Davis, Wanda Langdon, Todd & Vikki Reel, and Macey Smith. These individuals helped enormously in the planning and preparing for this meeting.

The Cincinnati Colony is excited for next year’s meeting in Columbus!

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