Toledo Colony Report to B.O.A. 18 March 2019

The Toledo Colony of the Mayflower Society met on March 30, 2019 at Swan Creek Retirement Village with 36 present. Lt. Governor, Susan Fisher, called the meeting to order after a time of fellowship. John MacDonald, Compact Chairman, led the Pledge of Allegiance and reading of the Mayflower Compact with everyone standing. David Martin, Elder, had a prayer before the buffet meal provided by the staff of Swan Creek.

Susan Fisher, Lt. Governor, resumed the meeting after the meal stating the minutes of the November meeting were in the newsletter and the Treasurers’ report was placed on each table for review. A Pennies for Planks jar was on the welcome table and Susan told the group that the Mayflower II is scheduled to be in the Plymouth Harbor again in September and money would still be collected in November.

Judy Rand, Deputy Lt. Governor, read a letter from the Williams County Public Library thanking the Mayflower Society for the donation of 48 Mayflower research books to their History Center. Walter Huffer was recognized by the Lt. Governor for being featured in a Member Highlight in the March State Buckeye for sharing how his family got to Ohio at the Toledo Colony meeting in November. Members present were asked to volunteer to share their family story at a future meeting.

Elder David Martin held a memorial service for: Janis Hoyles who passed away Feb. 2, 2018; Carolyn Wells who passed away April 1, 2018; Jane Mierke who passed away May 1, 2018; Richard Calland, husband of member Janet Calland, who passed away June 20, 2018; Marjorie Waterfield, a longtime Toledo Colony member, who passed away December 27, 2018; and Gregory Stoll, brother of our Treasurer Jeff Stoll, who passed away January 29, 2019.

The Lt. Governor explained the letter that was sent to 21 junior members that were eligible to apply for a grant of $1,000 to travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2019 or 2020. One person qualified and wrote his application letter with language form used in the Plymouth Colony. He will be notified and more information will be given about the recipient in the future.

Information concerning officers who had agreed to serve two more years was on each table for viewing. Nominations were asked from the floor for positions still open. Jeff Stoll nominated Susan Fisher as Lt. Governor again and the members voted to accept the slate of officers: Lt. Governor-Susan Fisher, Deputy Lt. Governor-Judy Rand, Secretary-still open, Treasurer-Jeffrey Stoll, Elder-David Martin, Compact Chair-John MacDonald, Program Chair-still open, Board Member-Paula Niederhauser, Junior Member Chair-still open, and Representative to State Board of Assistants-still open.

Deputy Lt. Governor, Judy Rand, walked around the room with a microphone so each person present could give their name, introduce their guest, tell where they lived, give the name of their Mayflower ancestor and tell what generation they were from the Pilgrim ancestor. New members acknowledged were Carmen Chapman, Julia Janosi and Phyllis Zibbel. They were each presented with a Mayflower ship pin and packet with Mayflower information.

Deputy Lt Gov Judy Rand welcoming new members.jpg

A very informative program about herbs and their uses in Colonial days was given by Patricia James-Hasser. Approximately 100 herbs and plants were brought to the colonies, probably in baskets, inside gourds and possibly in bee hives along with bees. They were very valuable for the colonists to dye clothes, for fragrance and for medicinal purposes as well as cooking. Patricia had many samples of plants and herbs to pass around for the group to touch and smell.

Susan Fisher adjourned the meeting after thanking the guest speaker and inviting those present to be watching for a June newsletter giving information about a summer meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Judy Rand

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