Western Reserve Colony Compact Day

We had a wonderful Compact Day on Sunday, November 12 at Skyland Pines Rustic Lodge in Canton.  The fireplace was lit and the floor to ceiling glass wall provided us a spectacular view.  The staff outdid themselves this year serving us with bountiful portions of traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  And WR Friend Mary Fuller provided the wonderful table decorations.  (Mary also provided the table decorations for the 2017 SMDOH State Assembly which WR hosted in May).  Andi and Kevin Riffle, Lee Martin, Ann Gulbransen, Terri Brown, Mary Fuller and Christina Wagner helped with WR materials set-ups and tear downs.


SMDOH Assistant Historian Lee Martin, Lt. Governor Jill Parker, and Friend of WR Mary Fuller

Our program featured WR member Roger Marble whose topic was “You identified your Mayflower Ancestor, but are you really a Genealogist?”  Roger encouraged us not to stop our genealogical work just because we found a Mayflower ancestor and he shared with us a few interesting facts about his ancestors he has discovered.


Roger Marble

Paul Morehouse led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the unison reading of the Mayflower Compact.  Elder Pat Van Hoose led the Blessing of the Meal and the Benediction. Historian Andi Riffle welcomed new members and applicants and led the traditional passenger rollcall.


Dick Fetzer, Byron Brown and Nancy Shaw

Lt. Gov. Jill Parker read certificates for two junior members: Stellan Riffle (who is now an adult member), in recognition for his GSMD 2017 scholarship winning essays (copies of the essays were given to attendees) and Amber Cocchiola for developing the WR Facebook page.  Members were also encouraged to check out the new SMDOH website.


Lt. Governor Jill Parker

We have a very active sales table handled by member Christina Wagner who is a wonderful promoter of all things Mayflower!  She juggled selling WR items including the Mayflower Maize game, pens, notepads and, of course, the 1620 stress rocks!  She also handled the sales of the state items – pink ribbons for holding pins as well as the SMDOH pin.  And just for good measure she encouraged attendees to take the information flyer and order form for the candle pin and the Plymouth 400 pin!  Sales were great!

Our Interim Junior Member Coordinator, Terri Brown set up two display tables – one was an educational display while the other had assorted activity handouts that were free for the taking.  In addition, Terri had made up age appropriate Activity Gift bags for the two young folks that attended.  They was interest in these two displays and a number of grandparents left with items for their grandchildren.

Kathleen Lambacher is our Liaison to the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank and each year she collects donated food items and money to give to the food bank.  This year WR members donated food items and $495.

Ann Gulbransen also spearheaded our “Pennies for Planks” collection on Compact Day and between the “pennies”  Ann and husband Marty had already dropped in the jar and the money collected on Compact Day nearly $200 was collected to be sent in for the restoration of the Mayflower II.

The event was packed with good conversation at every table. A good time was had by all and several members indicated they would like to have more frequent gatherings – something the WR Board has been discussing.


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