Triennial Congress

Your Ohio delegation made up of DGG Sandra St. Martin, AG Dr. Donald Nichols and delegates Betsie Goad, Ann Gulbransen, Janice Kleinline, Lee Martin, Janice O’Neil and Jill Parker spent a wonderful few days in Plymouth for the 2017 Triennial Congress. Here is a collection of photos from the Congress.


Pilgrim’s Progress

Jill and Jan

Janice Kleinline & Jill Parker

Jill and Janice

Jill Parker & Janice O’Neil




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  1. Thomas Hunt says:

    Where can I find a searchable database to see if my ancestors were descendants of Mayflower passengers. I have documented descent from Richard More, traditional descent from William White and possible descents from the Tilleys/John Howland amd Henry Samson. I would like to have them all ready at the time of application.

    Thank you!

    Thomas E. Hunt

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